Christmas in a Hindu country at the top of the world - Nepal

Brother Gene, Shalom -

   Bharati, I and entire Church members wish you many happy New Year 2011!! And pray to the father for you all supplying all His richness by 2011.

Christmas celebration:

Congregation of our Kathmandu church

    We conducted two days carol singing in Kavre. It was open program. On 20th of December we did it in a market place where over 50 people were watching us, hearing the songs and message. In the same day we did carol singing in an open field where over 30 people could hear the songs and message. On the same day we did carol singing in a believer's house where over 15 Hindus joined this carol singing and heard the gospel.

    On 23rd of December we did it in 3 different believers' houses. In a house nearly 10 Buddhist people joined the carols singing and heard the gospel. In other 2 houses over 20 Hindus heard the gospel. In one place one of my disciples Mr. __deleated for protection___  presented the word of God. Rest of the places I presented the word of God. Nepal which is a Hindu country now becomes a harvest field of kingdom of God. Carol singing has become a platform for the crusade. Glory be to God!
    On 18th of December we over 40 Churches of District Bhaktapur got able to do open Christmas festival where over 1500 people joined this program. I took time to wish Merry Christmas as a senior pastor. It was conducted in a school ground.
    On 25th of December we celebrated Christmas program in our Church premises. Church hall was well decorated. We did carol singing. Wished Merry Christmas. Prayed for each other and had Love feast.

1.      Kindly pray for the ministry of 2011. As I need to raise lot of money for the rent of the 3 Churches, personal ministry support for 6 full time missionaries. Traveling expenses. Money for tracts, books, Bible, gospel meetings, evangelism etc. We need Nepali rupees 75,000 or US $ 1000 in a month to cover all our expenses. We are fully depending on God and like you friends.

2.      We are having too much difficulties running our Churches in rented house as well as sheltering. We all the full time ministers are missionaries. The landlord in whose house we are staying all is bad people. The house where I am staying land- lord is gathering all the gamblers and playing play cards whole day. This is a big problem for us.

3.      Kindly pray to the Master to supply funds to continue Bible Institute, training future leaders to help fulfill the great commission He has given to us.

Yours co-labourers
Timothy and Bharati Rai
GPO Box 8975
EPC 528

      Most of the travel is by foot from village to village.
Note: There is no electricity or heat in this building where the congregation meets. Musical instruments are 'hand powered' with no music books. Pastor of this church was once sentenced to jail for preaching the gospel that we are previlidged to be able to do.

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